Printing (either from a printer or from an MFP)

Your printing needs should be not simply viewed as just the production of ink on a page (though that is the start) but as the ultimate purpose of the document and what additional handling it may require to reach it final stage.

Additional handling may include:

  • two-sided printing
  • stapling
  • three-hole punching
  • folding
  • colour printing
  • ability to print on card or glossy stock

Consider what peak volumes and overall volumes you will need to produce in order to help determine the speed requirement of the printer.

If colour is an occasional requirement, it may be worth using a single device with colour as the cost of printing black and white on colour devices is no longer the big monetary penalty that it used to be.

If the device is to be shared among more than a small number of users then consider a multifunctional printer as this will deliver lower operational costs while offering more functionality to the users in this workgroup.

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