All companies we encounter today have a fleet of black and white printers and other printing devices of various ages and conditions. Many companies have colour printers as well, though this varies by industry.

For the most part today, colour printers use either inkjet or laser technology, with laser taking the lead in lower cost of operation per page printed. A notable variation exists with Xerox’s solid ink technology which offers advantages for some users.

Newer colour-capable printers with reduced costs for black and white printing allows some workgroups to avoid having to use a dedicated black and white printer in addition to their colour printer.

To cut expenses, some companies restrict colour printing only when the correct password is entered at the software driver level. Other methods exist to accomplish a strategy of lowering document expense.

Important considerations when choosing a printer for your environment:

  • what options will I need and are they included or extra?
  • how reliable is this printer? Does it have a proven track record?
  • Is it friendly? ie. can I access options easily myself?
  • how long will I wait for the first page to come out?
  • what security features does it offer?
  • what is the budget for purchase or lease?
  • what is the total cost of ownership and is it good value for my situation?

By working with you to determine the answers to the questions above Modesco can suggest appropriate printing solutions from HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Samsung, OKI Data and others based on your specific needs.

To learn how Modesco can help you get the most out of your business printers, contact us today.