Typical benefits of Modesco’s Managed Print Services

Lower Operating Costs Without Capital Investment

Without requiring any additional capital investments or leases, your company’s costs of printing become lower.

One Point of Contact for Your Entire Print Device Fleet

We support all brands and print-related devices. Over time, in our managed print environment, you benefit from additional efficiencies with a single preferred support and service provider. There are no restrictions to additions or reductions or refreshes in your equipment portfolio.

A Single Invoice with Complete Details

Benefit from a reduction in paperwork with as little as one invoice per period. Some clients prefer to receive multiple invoices, for example for each department or cost centre. Numerous detailed reports are available securely online including live and historical data.

Other Benefits:

Long Term Print Device Utilization is Optimized and Uptime is Maximized

Clear information on print device utilization allows a process of continual optimization moderated by the reality of your print environment. Uptime is maximized because servicing can be planned ahead of time and performed more efficiently.

Lets you focus on the core activities of your business

  • We provide full support and management of your print environment
  • We eliminate supplies ordering chores
  • We answer your help-desk calls for printer support
  • Number of invoices to be processed is reduced to one per month

Web-based Service Request Capabilities

When problems arise that cannot be detected through remote management (noise or print quality issues for example), users can efficiently create service requests online with complete tracking of the service request’s status.

Better Service and Never Out of Supplies

Technicians perform cleanings and maintenance work at every visit. At the same time, supplies replacement is performed as needed. When major repairs are needed they are planned ahead of time to minimize disruption. We are able to take action on an issue often before your users are aware there is a pending issue.

A Greening of Your Print Environment

Several strategies can be implemented to green your printing environment. Some of them will also save you money, such as printing on both sides of a sheet of paper where practical and taking into account the energy consumption of your print devices.

Inventory Buy Back

Even if you have substantial investments in supplies inventories, we can start our relationship with an inventory buy back plan. We then assume inventory management tasks and responsibility for quality performance of your printer fleet.

Complete Asset Tracking of all Devices

Full secure access to view your print devices and locations securely.

Manufacturer Independent

We are manufacturer independent, though we have relationships with major hardware manufacturers such as HP, Lexmark and Xerox, and many specialty brands to provide and support the best solutions in the market.

Soft Costs Are Significantly Reduced

Your staff can focus on their core competencies instead of print-maintenance tasks. The ordering and management of supplies is no longer a burden. Printer-related help desk calls are efficiently outsourced.

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