Facts About Unmanaged Printing Environments

A Hidden Expense

Office printing costs are the largest under-managed expense in business today. According to industry experts, these costs are significant and growing.

1%-3% of company revenues are spent on printing costs

Source: Gartner Group

Significant Soft Costs

Many departments within the organization are involved in supporting your print device fleet: IT, facilities, purchasing or procurement, administration and finance. Significant time is spent on supplies inventories, troubleshooting device issues, replacing supplies, and paying invoices.

40 percent of all IT / help-desk calls are printer related

Source: Gartner Group

The time it takes to replace a single cartridge, from ordering, inventory management to replacement and disposal: 23 minutes

Source: Gartner Group

Many Brands and Vendors

Unmanaged purchasing of print devices results in many brands and vendors providing supplies and service. The cost of managing the environment grows as the number of vendors and supplies part numbers grow.

A typical fleet of 20-30 mixed print devices will list 20 or more different supplies part numbers. Simply replacing certain devices in order to reduce the number of different devices already in the fleet is wasteful and not the ideal solution as an organization likely needs a variety of print devices suitable for a variety of printing tasks. To reduce downtime resulting from out of stock situations means keeping stock of a suitable quantity of the right supplies which is time-consuming, and wasteful.

Printers and Copiers are Managed Separately

Print and Copier vendors typically work through different departments of your business. Often the office manager deals with copier vendors while the IT manager deals with print vendors. Decentralized purchasing of print and copy devices can create a surplus of capacity in one area of your printer fleet, and inadequacies in another. As such, copier and printer purchases and service requests are uncoordinated and do not optimally address the overall strategy of the company.

Unknown Print Devices and Unknown Page Volumes

Print device purchases are often made without reviewing the overall print environment or analyzing the capacities of the existing fleet. Casual printer purchases are made last-minute and on the basis of lowest cost. These inexpensive print devices then receive higher than optimal print volumes. These practices combine to increase the costs of printing.

Because the hard costs of printing are diverse and seem like relatively small expenses, the true total costs remain hidden and unmeasured. Most businesses do not know the number of print devices they own or the page volumes they produce.

Ninety percent of businesses do not know how much money they are spending on printing.

Source: Buyers Laboratory Inc.

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