Scanning documents is a necessity in businesses of all types.

Scan to Email

Scan to email is the most common form of scanning today.

It provides the greatest efficiency improvement in any organization. As more of your customers are expecting to receive documentation via email, scanning to email is rapidly becoming a more critical business requirement. The scan to email function of most multifunction systems will allow for LDAP connectivity (the ability to utilize corporate address books), authentication to prevent unauthorized access, and the ability to communicate directly with the intended recipient.

Scan to File

Scan to file is the simplest form of scanning. Today’s MFPs allow for the scanning of any paper-based document to virtually any network folder. The “scan to” location can be any network shared folder, internet folder (FTP) or a user’s individual desktop.

Scan to OCR

Scan to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows for users to convert their scanned documents into text editable applications such as Microsoft Word. Charts and tables can even be scanned for use with Microsoft Excel. Users can then edit documents as they would any other text or spreadsheet document. Using OCR, there is never a need to tediously retype a long document. OCR allows your key users to focus time on business productivity instead of recreating a document simply for the purpose of editing a few lines of text.

Scan to Electronic Document Management

Scan to Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) is quickly becoming a common requirement for businesses. As businesses streamline their workflow processes and make documents available to more users with greater security, they are implementing more sophisticated electronic document management systems. In many cases, it is possible to name and index files directly at the MFP’s interface for added document storage efficiency. Utilizing this same technology it is also possible to scan for use in databases.

The increased use of colour documents means that faxing documents in black and white is a compromise. With an MFP creating an electronic document from a paper-based document has never been easier in color or in black and white.

Scanning provides the capability to convert paper-based information into (PDF is an open source file format since July 1998).

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